Creating and using sessions

DancePress allows you to create as many ‘sessions’ as you want. A session could be an school year, or any other length of session which you want to keep separate. Each session is completely separate from other sessions in terms of classes, clients and students, however you can copy data between then to save time.

To create your first session:

  1. Go to DancePress > Options
  2. Enter the name for your session into the ‘New Session’ box (eg ‘2018 Session’).
  3. Click save

Default Session:

The default session is the session which will be used by your clients and users, for instance for registration. You can change the session at any time. Typically you might change this once a year, when you start a new annual school session.

Working Session:

As a DancePress admin, you can change your ‘working’ session, so that you can view and edit data from different sessions without affecting what your users see and use.

Copy Session Classes/ Copy Session Parents and Students

Often it will be useful, rather than entering in all your classes and data from a previous session or year, to simply copy it over in bulk and then edit the data.

Note: When you copy parents and students, they will all be marked as ‘inactive’. Their accounts will be hidden by default until either a) the client re-registers and reactivates their account and their students or b) you manually reactivate the client and/or students.

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