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DancePress was developed hand-in-hand with dance studios like you.

In 2014 our company was approached by Camiara Dance Inc. to provide a web application to handle all aspects of your their client/student registration process, to replace a highly labour-intensive system then in place.

Camiara required secure online payments, scheduled in installments arranged in advance, costume payment, client class selections, and a private ‘parent portal’ area where they could communicate studio news, schedules and information about recitals.

We decided to build this functionality right into a WordPress site, so that there was no separation between the website, the ecommerce functionality, and the student/client database. This integration has saved Camiara many days of work in they years since we first launched their site.

Over the next four years, we have created what we believe is not only the best dance studio software available anywhere, but also the most affordable.

Try DancePress for yourself, and see how it can take your studio to the next level.

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Roland Tanner

Roland Tanner

Partner & Lead Developer

Roland Tanner has been developing web applications since the last century. In that time he has worked on projects providing complex custom features for a wide range of clients, including ‘Medieval and Early Modern Sources Online’, a database used by the world’s leading universities.

Roland holds a PhD from St Andrews University.

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